Introducing: The Taj Collection
Sep 28, 2016

The Taj Collection; is inspired by the architecture & mystique of the Taj Mahal [dating from 1632-1653]; her detail, beauty, and grandeur. Sketched at the Taj Mahal at sunrise, sunset & from many different angles, accompanied by the thick, pink hazy light that so epitomises an Indian day, the Taj Collection came to life. Each design in the Taj Collection is a moment in time at the Taj Mahal; a representation, and an interpretation of the shapes and feelings that have captured my imagination.

The Moghul architecture of the Taj is breathtaking. The Mashrabiya lattice-screen detail, the minarets that cast dramatic and simple forms, these architectural elements tell a thousand tales of the Taj, and her expressions that define the greatest mausoleum ever built. 

The architectural & screen-like patterns which characterise the Taj Collection epitomise the exotic world to me; the forms are bold, elegant & timeless. These designs tell a story, capture a vignette, and are a direct reflection of my design sense, and interpretation of the Taj Mahal; from monument to jewellery.

My designs are handmade by artisans who have learnt their trade from their fathers, and their fathers from their fathers; jewellers who have incredible talent, capacity & passion to create beauty. Whilst much of jewellery production is now machine made, Royal Hamam celebrates the craft of making jewellery by artisans, the ‘old way’.

The Taj Collection is made with sterling silver, 22k gold plate and stones both precious and semi precious.

With its deeply exotic aesthetic, the Taj Collection is also modern in its simplicity of form, is wearable for everyday impact, and is designed for the global wanderer. 


With love,