Fashion Journal

Royal Hamam featured in Fashion Journal Print edition 2018 - Issue 183 Taara Earring ]

Online edition, available here



Royal Hamam feature on written by the talented Brittain Ladd. 

See full article here.

Styling You - Nikki Parkinson

Royal Hamam feature in Styling You '8 Australian fine jewellery brands I'm loving right now' blog post  [Mystic Openings Earrings Small in Gold]

See full blog here.

Conde Nast Traveller - UK

Royal Hamam featured in Conde Nast Traveller Jan/Feb edition 2017 [ Screen Goddess Earrings ]

Royal Hamam Conde Nast feature

Tatler - UK

Royal Hamam feature in Tatler Nov 2016 Edition  [Dancing Forms Earrings Gold Silver]

Harper's Bazaar - UK

Royal Hamam feature in Bazaar bijoux Harper's Bazaar UK 2016 [Screen Goddess Large Silver]
Royal Hamam in Harpers Bazaar  


Royal Hamam Husk Spring '17 campaign [Warrior Woman Cuff and Necklace in Gold]

Royal Hamam featuring in Husk campaign


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